We are extremely pleased to start announcing the exhibitors who have already booked to come and exhibit at the  Fair. Our aim was to concentrate on attracting the very best falconry equipment manufacturers, suppliers and retailers from the UK and further afield.

Honeybrook will be having a stand and will be supplying frozen hawk food.

Honeybrooks have built up an enviable reputation as a supplier of the best hawk food

Ian Vance has been in the falconry equipment business for over 33 years and in that time has sold falconry equipment all around the world.

The Yorkshire Hawking Club is a group of like-minded individuals with a keen interest in preserving the traditions, art and culture of falconry.  We are affiliated to many national and international falconry related organisations that hold similar values and beliefs.

The club has members with a wide range of knowledge, interests and expertise in all aspects of birds of prey, ranging from breeders to display providers to practicing falconers actively engaged in the sport of hunting with birds of prey.  We are also fortunate to have trainers and assessors who can deliver nationally recognised falconry related awards and qualifications.

Rhuallan Raptors are coming all the way from Aberdeenshire with a range of falconry furniture, including bells, F10, biohtane anklets and more

Steve Halsall manufactured his first hood in 1971 and continued on as a hobbyist hood maker until 1980 when he created Falconcraft . Producing professionally and using Falconcraft as a platform he now manufactures some of the best quality hand crafted hoods available in the UK.

Patterns include the Classic Anglo Indian, Dutch traditional blocked and the Arab traditional hoods.

Chris Payne has been making falconry gloves for more than ten years and has recently started his own range of bespoke falconry gloves. His aim is to produce a range of the highest quality falconry gloves using the best materials available.

Situated in North Wales, UK. Chris can hand produce only a limited number of these excellent gloves as they are all made by a single craftsman and to keep the high standard of quality no third parties are involved in your glove making process.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a local charity working to protect and conserve Yorkshire’s wild places and wildlife for all to enjoy. THEY care for 104 nature reserves in Yorkshire (3,015 hectares) including iconic sites such as Spurn National Nature Reserve, Staveley Nature Reserve, Potteric Carr and Flamborough Cliffs.

Identity Leathercraft started life as The Identity Store, founded by Peter and Jackie Laight in 2002 to help people express their identity through the things they make from leather.

The company has grown and with it our collective experience and knowledge of the properties and methods for making and using leather as a craft material. So whatever you would like to make, repair or invent out of leather this is the store for you.

Pursuit Falconry magazine is a brand new in 2020 and already looks like the best falconry magazine available.


Neil Davis will be manning the stand which will also be supplying various items of falconry furniture.

Silver Fox Falconry is a new supplier of the very best falconry equipment.

Owned and operated by Mark Parker who is known to many as the manager of the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent before starting this new and exciting venture

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic, pride themselves on a friendly, caring and professional service that provided at four practices centred around Stamford Bridge near York.

Mark Naguib MRCVS is the vet for the National Centre for Birds of Prey and will be in attendance on Sunday, he is giving a seminar on Sunday and will be available to answer question during the day.

Britain has a fine heritage of treatises on falconry written by dedicated practical falconers, some of which books are rightly regarded as classics. However, whilst these authors’ advice is often still relevant today, the circumstances in which we practice our sport constantly evolve, giving rise to a need for a book which addresses today’s circumstances – a classic for our times. The Specialist Falcon is that book.
Undoubtedly the most up-to-date practical treatise on the classic flight at lowland game, The Specialist Falcon addresses the 21st century gamehawker’s needs based on decades of experience.  

Dusty Souls are new exhibitors and have the most incredible artwork – all painted on feathers!

The Online Falconry Shop is exhibiting for the second time and supplies a wide range of falconry furniture

Box Clever can provide a custom made travelling box for your hawk or falcon. Boxes are available as standard size (large, small or medium) or made to order to your size specification.
Each box is individually made from high grade materials. The main structure of the box is fabricated from 9mm and 6mm polyethylene sheet made from recycled plastic. All joints are screwed, sealed and reinforced with an aluminium edge for strength, which also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. All internal seams are sealed using a silicon based sealer. Boxes can be pressure washed and disinfected. 

Nicols J Pet Portraits is exhibiting and will be taking commissions – check her website out, her work looks amazing

Spent Shells make all sorts of decorative items and jewellery out of shotgun cartridges, feathers and much more!

The IBR’s prime purpose is to help reunite lost and found birds with their keepers whether IBR rung or not.

We offer a registration scheme whereby ring details are stored against keeper’s details on our confidential database. When a bird is registered with the IBR, a yellow, embossed registration document is issued for that bird with all its known details together with a split IBR ring if the bird is not already wearing one. The blue IBR rings are all uniquely numbered and contain a national phone number which when contacted connects to the IBR at any time.

Keith and Babs will also be bringing a selection of quality falconry furniture

Forbes Falconry supply Tiny Loc telemetry and a wide range of high quality falconry equipment – including hoods, blocks, baths and falconry drones.

We are delighted to have Simon and Kate Jewitt of Stoneycairn Gundogs back at Duncombe again.

They’ll be doing a dog training demo in the ring (Sunday only at present) as well as having their own stand. Stoneycairn offer a range of dog training classes – from 1 to 1 lessons to group lessons to residential training.

Falconers have the reputation of having well behaved hawks and badly behaved dogs – if that describes you, a chat with these guys will pay dividends!


Ashley Clarke has exhibited with us many times over the years, his high quality gloves and equipment is well known and needs no introduction!

Martin Brook will be exhibiting at Duncombe once  again with his stunning paintings of raptors and much more!

Dreamers makes and sells embroidered pictures and fancy goods. Unusual handcrafted ornaments. Handmade essential oil soaps and salts.

Charmaine will be exhibiting her wonderful artwork at the Fair once again 😀

Mark Bell from Rabbit Fever has been a fixture at the NCBP fairs for longer than we can remember!

His stall is full of falconry furniture, ferret boxes, catapults and goodness knows what else.

Please don’t listen to him if he tries to tell you that he comes from “the posh end of Yorkshire”

Marshall Radio Telemetry designs and supplies premium long-range tracking and recovery equipment to hunters and competitors around the world. Choose Marshall falconry transmitters, dog tracking collars and direction finding receivers and you’ll have the most carefully engineered and reliable tracking system available.

Ben Long is one of the longest established falconry furniture makers int he world. Ben has been making and supplying equipment since the early 1980s.

Supplying everything from blocks and bows to baths to swivels to gloves and bags – Ben is a “one stop shop” for falconers!

ALTAWASH`S Falconry Supplies and Equipment has been providing excellent quality of falconry equipment & accessories to the falconry community and for over 20 years.

Custom designed falconry equipment, accessories and custom orders are our specialty. We have manufacture custom equipment for, falcons, eagles, hawks, vultures all other birds.


Mac Falcon are a large equipment supplier from the Netherlands.

They supply everything from gloves, bags, swivels, bells, hawking jackets, jesses, leather – the list is endless!

BULL-X is a UK-based manufacturer of professional lure machines.
The products created  are unique, and hand-built in the heart of Derbyshire by breeders
who understand animals.

Falconers will find thier professional lure equipment second to none.
The Bull-x professional outdoor lure can be used in parks, fields or gardens – and has a usable
500m tough line and accessories.